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Do you have what it takes to become a Big Tasker?

  • Are you a leader in business, government, academics, or an NGO with a proven record of effecting change through broad and deep collaboration?
  • Will you care for and embrace others toward real action for a Big Task?
  • Will you choose to generously serve and support one another and the Big Task Community?
  • Will you courageously say what you believe to achieve success?
  • Will you push each other and not let each other fail?
  • Will you humbly adopt the "New We" in your leadership and life and freely share it with others?
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"Big Task Weekend is about bringing people together who want to make a meaningful difference in their own lives and the lives of their companies, and also in the world in a time where it most needs it."

Dr. Dean Ornish, Founder and President, Preventative Medicine Research Institute

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